22102018 / Coffee Flavored Cone, McDonald’s Miri

Following the discontinuation of Corn Sundae Cone, McDonald’s Malaysia launched Coffee Flavored Cone. When Jennifer and I were in Miri earlier last week, we decided to have it as dessert after having Spicy McDeluxe for lunch.

McDonald’s introduced three series of this Coffee Flavored Cone – Coffee ChocoTop, Coffee and Coffee & Vanilla. Aside from these Coffee Flavored Cone, they are also having Coffee Chocolate Sundae and Coffee Caramel Sundae.

Coffee | RM2.40

Being the coffee lover that I am, I decided to go for the most original which is Coffee. It smelled and tasted very distinctive of coffee. It would be extremely pleasant for coffee lovers in my opinion. However, the taste of coffee lingered in the mouth after which I had to drink plenty of water to wash the taste off.

Coffee & Vanilla | RM2.40

Jennifer on the other hand went for their Coffee & Vanilla as she found Coffee alone would be too strong for her liking and she was glad that she went for the Coffee & Vanilla option. She mentioned that she liked it better comparatively to Coffee alone.

For your information, Coffee Flavored Cone is now available at McDonald’s in Brunei. As far as I know, it has yet made available to McDonald’s in Singapore. Sister went looking for it after having seen me posting about it on my Instagram profile.


One of the most highly mentioned topics in the latest local food scene is the filled donuts from TWO SONS COFFEE. The donuts are only available twice a week; Tuesday and alternate Fridays and Sundays.

As I happened to get a day off today, I decided to join the bandwagon and tried the donuts for myself. I got San Diann to join me so that we can have more varieties to share. They offer different flavors on different days. The flavors would only be revealed on IG story an hour before the sale.

I got to TWO SONS COFFEE an hour before they started selling the donuts since I had completed all my errands for the day. San Diann arrived about half an hour later. I got myself a cup of Latte and a Peanut Butter Brownie while watching drama series on my iPad.

Latte | B$5.00

I had requested less foam for my coffee so that my coffee would stay warm longer. This was what I was being taught if I would like my coffee to stay warm longer. Not sure how true was that but it was worth a shot. I liked their Latte. Both the coffee and milk were well balanced.

Peanut Butter Brownie | B$3.30

As donuts would only be available from 1PM, I got myself a piece of their Peanut Butter Brownie to try. It came with a big dollop of peanut butter in the centre of the brownie. The brownie was pretty tough on the crust but chewy enough on the inside. Both the sweetness and texture were good for my liking. This is definitely one of the best brownies that I had so far.

This was only a quarter of the queue when the donuts started selling. I queued for about 10 minutes or so before it was my turn. The cafe started to get a bit stuffy and humid as the crowd gets bigger.

All customers were limited to three pieces of donuts per person. The flavors in store today were Halloween themed. In the picture were Worms & Dirt, Bloody Mummy and White Chocolate Latte.

The green frosted donut on the top left was Worms & Dirt. It was topped with green colored sugar glazing, crushed Oreos and a Haribo worm. The donut was chocolate filled on the inside. I quite like the chocolate filling as it wasn’t overly sweet as compared to the glazing.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with their Bloody Mummy and White Chocolate Latte due to the sugary glazing. Bloody Mummy came with raspberry filling on the inside and it wasn’t very sweet. The filling wasn’t a lot though. White Chocolate Latte was an ordinary donut with white chocolate glazing drizzled on the top.

I do have to agree with others about the soft, fluffy and pillow like texture of the donuts. I can see how soft the donuts were as San Diann moved the donuts in a better position for pictures. Despite I wasn’t keen of the flavors, the texture of the donuts did impress me.

So, do I like the donuts? Well, I would say that the flavors they had in store today weren’t my cup of tea. I was looking forward to their Chocolate Orange filling but it was unavailable. San Diann agreed too that this was his least favorite flavors offered comparatively to the ones he had before.

Unit C8, Block C,
Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1318,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Of Random Things #191

It’s the first day of the brand new week. I am supposed to be having my day off today but I came in to work as I have an appointment later with a service provider. I woke up early and it only happens when Mom is not around as I have to prepare my own breakfast. I had some leftover Walnut bread which I bought from Fun Bread earlier this week and made French Toast with them.

I haven’t been downloading much recently as I don’t use much of my laptop after coming home from work in the evening. Having said so, I still downloaded a bit of a few new drama series which were aired just recently.

The Eternal Love (Season 1)

The Eternal Love (Season 2)

I am not so sure of the storyline of The Eternal Love but I think there was time traveling involved. I am not so of a fan of Mainland ancient storyline production but I think Mom would like it. She is not so fussy when it comes to dramas but she prefers Chinese speaking over Korean speaking though.

22102018 / Amsarra Shawarma, Annajat Complex

When Jennifer and I came back from our Miri day trip earlier this week, we didn’t have any dinner arrangement in line. We agreed to have dinner on our own since we did not know what to have for dinner.

While we were waiting for our respective cars to warm up in the parking lot of EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club, Jennifer asked if I want to join her and CY for dinner at Amsarra Shawarma. I was okay with it as I have yet visited the restaurant since it had relocated from Little Soho.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner the other night!

Detox | B$4.80

ginger, spinach, celery, coconut water, turmeric root, green apple

For B$4.80, I was expecting my juice to be served in a glass instead of a takeaway plastic cup. LOL! All of their healthy juices were cold pressed. Hence, all the good things and nutrients stay as the fruits were being juiced.

Taste wise, it was pretty good and tasted distinctive of celery. I wouldn’t recommend this if you cannot stand the taste of celery, ginger and turmeric at the same time. I am not a fan of celery but I could tolerate if it was served in the form of juice. How odd!

Lamb Shashuka | B$9.00

Shashuka is one of my favorite food for it’s sour and spicy based stew. It came served with three pieces of their house made herbed pita breads. On top of the Lamb Shashuka was two poached eggs, chunky tomatoes and lamb slices.

The stew was sour and spicy enough for my liking. It paired extremely well with the herbed pita breads. However, it would be nicer it came with more tomato stew. The dish was served with a generous portion of lamb slices. The first slice which I ate was extremely tough and I think they got the muscle part. The rest were okay though.

Lamb Meshwi Shawarma with Rice | B$10.50

This was Jennifer’s choice of dinner. It had the same lamb slices as I did in my Lamb Shashuka but served with rice, greens, grilled tomatoes, hummus and some sauces on the side. It was pretty good and the portion could easily feed two small eaters.

08102018 / Krispy Kreme, Singapore

I had some extra time to kill while waiting for Sister to finish her business meeting at Tanjong Pagar on that day. I was feeling tired at the time and decided to stop by Krispy Kreme to rest my legs.

They had some seating area at the back of the cafe and the place wasn’t completely packed since it was a weekday. I stayed in the cafe for about an hour or so enjoying my doughnut and watching Boss & Me from my iPad.

Speculoos Cookie Butter | S$2.90

Nothing else caught my attention aside from this. After having tried the Crunchy Speculoos flavored gelato from Rumah Gelato, I came to love Speculoos flavored food. I ever considered getting myself a jar of the Biscoff spread from our local supermarket but decided not to when I thought twice of the calorie counts. LOL!

The Speculoos Cookie Butter doughnut was pretty good in my opinion but tad oily for my liking. It came with cream filling made of Speculoos cookie on the inside. My personal favorite flavor from Krispy Kreme used to be Apple Crumble but I think they had long discontinued it.

Krispy Kreme
3 Temasek Boulevard,
#01-419/420 Suntec City Mall,
Singapore 038983