Of Random Things #187

It is another two more days till my next holiday vacation to Singapore. This would be my third visit to Singapore this year. I visited Singapore four times last year. Singapore is an expensive city to live in especially with the high rentals and everything. Food wise, they are not as bad as we thought unless fine dining is what you have in mind while in Singapore.

On my last visit to Singapore, Sister showed me around Singapore just like how a local would do. Instead of taking Grab, we commuted to places with public transportation like MRT and bus. I only took the Grab twice which we were to and from the airport. Hence, more walking involved when using the general public transportation.

I got to experience hawker food at the same time. It was wallet friendly but the place can be extremely warm during the day. I remembered having to wipe my sweats while eating. LOL! Sister and I made plans to visit more hawker centers this time round, especially the ones which were highly recommended among the locals. I’ll post food pictures on my Instagram. So, do stay tune if you’re interested!

I am currently on the last few episodes of the South Korean adaptation of Suits. Honestly speaking, I am not sure if I like the storyline better than the original American Suits. But I am still watching it till the end. Anyways, there have been a few new Korean drama releases in late September and early October.

100 Days My Prince


My Secret Terrius

The Third Charm

Where Stars Land

So, this pretty much summed up what I had been downloading for Korean drama series. There are a few new Mainland drama series which I had been downloading at the same time but I would leave that for next time.

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