Of Random Things #189

Today is my last full day in Singapore and I am flying back tomorrow afternoon. What have I done aside from eating? Nothing much to be honest. I did buy something which I had been debating whether to or not to.

I caved in the end and got myself a macro lens for my SONY NEX-3N. It wasn’t cheap but relatively cheaper than the ones Jennifer had been looking for her Canon. LOL! I also got a new casing for my iPad as the previous one was tearing here and there.

Boss & Me

Anyways, I had finally finished South Korean Suits while on board from Brunei to Singapore the other day. The storyline of Boss & Me was funny in my opinion and I am currently on the eighth episode as I am writing this entry.

2 thoughts on “Of Random Things #189

  1. hi there, may i ask what macro lens you bought and how much? care to share some pictures taken with the macro lens please? thanks 🙂

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