06102018 / Two Men Bagel House, Singapore

It had been in my bucket list to try Two Men Bagel House since I came to know about this bagel shop few months ago. When I was in Singapore last July, Two Men Bagel House was in my itinerary but didn’t make it as it was a super short weekend trip.

Now that I am in Singapore for a longer period this time round, I fitted Two Men Bagel House into my Saturday itinerary after my dental appointment and breakfast at Alexandra Village Food Centre. So, it was one tick off my bucket list!

It was about 2PM in the afternoon when we arrived at Two Men Bagel House and the place was crowded. We managed to find seating for four after I am done with placing orders. Our orders were ready in like 10 minutes which I personally find reasonably quick given the numbers of diners at the time.

Srirach | S$13.00

house marinated chicken thigh, hippie greens, bacon, red onion and aioli

We had rye bagel as most of the bagel selections were sold out. Srirach came with a good amount of meat and definitely heaven on earth for those who love their meats. Mom and Sister had this. Sister personally find the bagel sandwich greasy and salty to begin with but she loved the bagel. For your information, the bacon was made of pork but not beef.

Bo-ssam | S$14.00

roasted pork shoulder, house made kimchi , pickles and garlic aioli

As Dad and I have a higher threshold for spicy food, we had Bo-ssam. The reason why I ordered Bo-ssam was for their house made kimchi. It had a good spicy kick that I love but messy to eat. The roasted pork shoulder was good and I liked that they weren’t tough.

Two Men Bagel House
16 Enggor Street,
Icon Village Altez #01-12,
Tel: +65-65094125

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