Of Random Things #190

I had completed Boss & Me last Monday morning and I think it was one of the shortest time which I took to finish up a drama series. If you need some humor in your life, try Boss & Me. I don’t think I had laughed so much in a drama series. Another series to consider was Sweet Dreams.

I had thought of continuing with Meteor Garden 2018 but I had downloaded a number of Korean drama series but have yet watched. I had watched bits and bobs of Familiar Wife while in Singapore and it was pretty good as well.

Are You Human?

I am currently on the first episode of Are You Human? and it was pretty good as of now. Sister had watched this drama series and didn’t complain. So, I am taking that she liked it. LOL!

I had placed an order from Hermo.my this afternoon so I am hoping that my delivery would arrive Miri on time for my pickup next week. I didn’t order loads this time round as I still had plenty from my previous duty free purchases. I only got myself a moisturizer from Hada Labo and the remaining loots were Jennifer’s. LOL!

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