16102018 / Rumah Gelato Lambak

After having Zinger Waffle for dinner, San Diann and I headed to Rumah Gelato. As I wasn’t familiar with the route to BIBD Connects, San Diann offered to drive. True enough, I would have gotten lost if I was on my own.

While I was in Singapore earlier this month, Rumah Gelato direct messaged me on Instagram to inform me that they had launched Spiced Chai in Lambak and invited me for tasting on the house.

It was only a week after when I had time to drop by. I invited San Diann to join me for the tasting since he liked the Chai Tea flavor which Rumah Gelato launched in Kiulap II branch earlier on.

Spiced Chai

Spiced Chai is not very common in Brunei due to it’s acquired taste. Aside from the franchise coffee chains across the Sultanate, there are only a limited number of cafes in Brunei which serves Chai beverages and one of them being Flour & Butter Cafe.

As you can see in the picture above, their Spiced Chai Gelato was made with fine Chai tea leaves for a flavorsome taste. I liked that it had a strong and distinctive taste of Chai and I loved it better than their previous Chai Tea flavor.

The consistency of the gelato was smooth and creamy but you could still feel some fine bits of the tea leaves on your tongue. Spiced Chai wasn’t as sweet as Chai Tea but the sweetness can get a bit overwhelming when you finished the whole cup.


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