07102018 / Mad About Sucre, Singapore

To celebrate my birthday, Sister and I went Mad About Sucre. We left parents at home as the itinerary we had for the day wasn’t well suited for them. Sister chose to keep the venue a secret until we arrived at the mysterious venue. I came across Mad About Sucre on Instagram few months ago but it didn’t leave me with a deep impression.

Mad About Sucre is listed as Best Patisserie, 2018 and Singapore Top Best Restaurants, 2017/2018. Aside from serving pastries and desserts, they have main course too. Sister intention was to have main course before our karaoke session. Pricing was on the steep side but you pay for quality and experience. I think my jaw almost dropped when I saw the price tag on the menu. So, I decided that we should stay for desserts only.

For your information, they offer seasonal desserts from time to time and we had were part of their summer collection. The staff who attended to us explained everything from their summer collection with precise details. All their desserts must be served at a specific temperature so it did took them some time to serve.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had at Mad About Sucre!

Apple | S$23.80 (with tea pairing)

French apple, Portuguese port wine, light chocolate, almond

This was how the Apple looked like on the inside of different components. It looked like it went through a bloody affair. Do note that everything served at Mad About Sucre are made of natural ingredients, seasonal produces, scratch-cook, reduced sweetness, organic flour, no artificial flavoring & color and no preservative.

The apples were cut into smaller chunks and soaked in Portuguese port wine. The apple chunks remained tad crunchy in texture. All the components were cold. So, it was like an eating ice-cream but in the shape of an apple. My favorite bit of this dessert was the apple skin. Don’t ask me why. I just loved it.

Apple is a gluten free dessert. For those who have gluten intolerance issue, fret not!

Rhythm of 4 | S$25.70 (with tea pairing)

cold-drip coffee, chocolate sponge, hint of Orange Cointreau, Madagascar vanilla, French orange

Sister chose this for it’s special design and the ingredients used to make it. The base looked like a coated doughnut without the alphabet C lookalike. We were being taught to have a bit of each component at the same time for first tasting and then each and every component individually after.

The doughnut shaped alike base had a salty taste. It tasted quite like the base crust of a cheesecake. We ate the dessert as taught and agreed that we liked it better when eating each components individually. The flavors were more distinctive then. The orange cube placed on the C shape was orange flavored and it had the texture of an “agar-agar” to me. The best part of this dessert was the C shape for it’s chocolate and coffee taste.

In overall, both Sister and I agreed that we preferred Apple over Rhythm of 4 as it had the lightest taste. We found that Rhythm of 4 was too taste complicated for our taste buds. Those with more dainty palates would probably enjoy this better than we did?

Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road,
Tel: +65-62213969

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