08102018 / Tendon Kohaku, Singapore

Tendon Kohaku has been in one of my to-try list on my last Singapore visit in July. Unfortunately, both Sister and I never gotten round to try it due to the never ending long queue. According to Sister, there is always a queue outside the restaurant despite it was during off peak hours.

On the day when Sister and I were meeting outside for lunch, we decided to try our luck at Tendon Kohaku again. We agreed that we would join the queue if it wasn’t too long and leave if it was long. Guess what? There was no queue at all when we arrived and we thought they were closed for lunch break. We were escorted into the restaurant shortly after we waited outside to be seated. The restaurant was only half occupied with some late lunch diners.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for lunch the other day at Tendon Kohaku!

Tendon Kohaku | S$15.00

chicken breast, black tiger prawn, squid, crab stick, green bean, shiitake, young corn, pumpkin

I ordered myself one of the most “original” dishes available at Tendon Kohaku. The prawn was fresh enough in my opinion and my personal favorite among all was the shiitake. For grains, you could choose between regular Japanese rice or multi-grain rice. I had the former.

If you want extra flavor on your dish, you can always go for spicy sauce. It was spicy and yet addictive at the same time. For your information, the tempura gets less crispy if you take food photography a priority than consuming it. LOL! That was what happened in my situation.

Hokkaido Autumn Tendon Momiji | S$17.00

Hokkaido autumn salmon & cheese, prawn, maple leaf, chestnut, lotus root chips, sweet potato, chrysanthemum, dory fish, chicken breast, shiitake, enoki mushroom

This is a seasonal menu which Tendon Kohaku is offering at the moment and Sister ordered one for herself to try as the Hokkaido autumn salmon and cheese combination caught her attention. As a matter of fact, she enjoyed the vegetables more – maple leaf, chestnut and sweet potato in particular.

Tendon Kohaku
3 Temasek Boulevard,
#03-311 Suntec City,
Singapore 038983
Tel: +65-63334386

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