22102018 / Coffee Flavored Cone, McDonald’s Miri

Following the discontinuation of Corn Sundae Cone, McDonald’s Malaysia launched Coffee Flavored Cone. When Jennifer and I were in Miri earlier last week, we decided to have it as dessert after having Spicy McDeluxe for lunch.

McDonald’s introduced three series of this Coffee Flavored Cone – Coffee ChocoTop, Coffee and Coffee & Vanilla. Aside from these Coffee Flavored Cone, they are also having Coffee Chocolate Sundae and Coffee Caramel Sundae.

Coffee | RM2.40

Being the coffee lover that I am, I decided to go for the most original which is Coffee. It smelled and tasted very distinctive of coffee. It would be extremely pleasant for coffee lovers in my opinion. However, the taste of coffee lingered in the mouth after which I had to drink plenty of water to wash the taste off.

Coffee & Vanilla | RM2.40

Jennifer on the other hand went for their Coffee & Vanilla as she found Coffee alone would be too strong for her liking and she was glad that she went for the Coffee & Vanilla option. She mentioned that she liked it better comparatively to Coffee alone.

For your information, Coffee Flavored Cone is now available at McDonald’s in Brunei. As far as I know, it has yet made available to McDonald’s in Singapore. Sister went looking for it after having seen me posting about it on my Instagram profile.

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