Skincare Buy #27:

One of my recent skincare purchases from I made the order alongside with Jennifer since I would be going Miri for my second touch up of my eyebrow embroidery. It was a lot convenient that I collected the parcel myself instead of having to trouble my colleagues to bring them back for me.

As I browsed through the website, I didn’t find much that I wanted aside from a moisturizer from HADA LABO So, I asked Jennifer if she needed to get any Korean skincare product so that I could reach the minimum spending to entitle for complimentary shipment.

She mentioned that she was looking for a facial cleanser and asked if I had any recommendation. I recommended her COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser. The said facial cleanser is one of the highly raved ones by majority Korean beauty YouTubers and the price tag was on the affordable side too! Unfortunately, it was sold out. However, she still managed to score herself a cleansing oil from HADA LABO and some trial size products from HERA.

HADA LABO Arbutin Whitening Water Gel | RM67.83

This was what I got from for myself. I had previously seen it in Watsons physical store and it was a lot more expensive than retailed on I am not sure if this product is good but I am always keen to try water gel based moisturizer as I need something light in my daytime skincare routine.

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