Of Random Things #195

I am finally getting my Sunday day off back! I woke up like usual today despite I had wanted to sleep in. I tossed and turned but still couldn’t get back to sleep. So, I got up and cooked lunch for Dad since I would be hanging out with some friends today.

I got a friend to join San Diann and I for morning coffee at TWO SONS COFFEE later. Lunch today would be at Kungfu Noodle if everything goes as planned. As I had been kind of meat deprived for the past two days, I feel like having pork today but we will just play by ears later.

So, this was my salad bowl which I made for breakfast yesterday morning. I had even prepared an extra portion for dinner. LOL! I wanted to steam some chicken breasts to go with my salad but I woke up late. So, I made do with hard boiled egg instead and it was good!

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