Review: Project Ice Cream

After lunch at Kungfu Noodle, my friend and I went Project Ice Cream for desserts before we go Supa Save, Mata-Mata for grocery shopping. We were meeting San Diann for Infinity Con event at RBRC around 2PM. So much for clean eating but did you know that I had five meals in a day last Sunday? Having said so, I limited the portion and only had a small portion of everything.

Project Ice Cream is one of the latest food establishments in the Sultanate. It is currently sitting under where Gohan Sushi Restaurant is located in Kiarong. Before they opened their current specialty store in Kiarong, they were selling pints at Tan’iem Mini Mart and scoops at Bloom Project Co. in Citis Square.

The shop size of Project Ice Cream wasn’t big and they are operating in a partitioned unit of a regular shop size. Having said so, they managed to fit two small dining tables for patrons who wishes to dine-in. The entrance was painted in a bright yellow color and it does attract attention. Next to the door came the design of shapes which resembles a double scoops ice-cream.

These are pretty much the flavors they had in house. A single scoop costs B$3.00 and you can top up another dollar for their homemade waffle cone. Like any other ice-cream specialty shops in Brunei, you can request for testers if you are indecisive of which flavor to get.

Midnight Crunch | B$3.00 + B$1.00 (homemade waffle cone)

As I mentioned above, you can request for testers before deciding on which flavor to order. I didn’t go for tester as I knew for sure what I was getting prior to going. I had their Midnight Crunch. To be honest, that was the only flavor which appealed to me at the time.

Midnight Crunch comes with a charcoal based ice-cream and their homemade honeycomb. The first thing which I noticed of their ice-cream was that it seems hard for the server to scoop the ice-cream into round ball shape and it took him quite some time to do that. I am not saying he’s not good at what he was doing. I wondered if it could be the ingredients. The ice-cream looked kind of powdery in texture as seen in the picture above? The ice-cream melted pretty fast too.

If you are wondering how charcoal taste like, I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I am not sure. It didn’t taste close to anything but I can say it was sweet. The homemade honeycomb however tasted both sweet and tad salty at the same time. The sweetness can be a bit overwhelming when you finished off the whole thing. Their homemade waffle cone sadly didn’t leave me with much impression.

Honey The Boo | B$3.00 + B$1.00 (homemade waffle cone)

My friend on the other hand had Honey The Boo which he commented that the sweetness level was a bit too overwhelming. Well, what can you expect? It was made of honey anyways. LOL! Having said so, he managed to finish the whole thing while I only ate half and chucked the rest into the bin.


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