Cooking Diary #51

As I didn’t cook lunch yesterday morning, I decided to do it today. I bought a medium sized bittergourd from Supa Save Mabohai last Tuesday evening after work and I got Dad to slice for me while I was at work. All I need to do is add some salt to soften the bittergourd and it will also reduce the bitterness at the same time.

Bittergourd Omelette

Ing was in Bandar last Tuesday and she met up with San Diann over coffee at TWO SONS COFFEE. Prior to them meeting up, I told San Diann that TWO SONS COFFEE was having Chocolate Orange and Cinnamon Sugar flavor for the day. I had been wanting to try their Chocolate Orange and I also love almost anything that has cinnamon.

San Diann got me each of both and Ing was nice enough to hand deliver me the donuts to my workplace! I didn’t eat them up on the spot but left it until dinner and shared with Jennifer and CY.

We had Cinnamon Sugar first and I personally thought that the donut would have been nicer with more cinnamon? But Jennifer mentioned that the amount of cinnamon was just right. Jennifer and I are different when it comes to cinnamon. She is not huge of cinnamon but I love cinnamon!

Chocolate Orange on the hand was delightfully good! The chocolate filling was very smooth and the orange tasted very distinctive! Furthermore, they were not stingy with the filling either. Of all the flavors which TWO SONS COFFEE had previously launched, Chocolate Orange was the only one which appealed to me as of now.

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