Cooking Diary #53: Sweet & Sour Fish (Vegetarian)

Good morning! It is finally weekend and I am going Miri tomorrow for a night. Have a few errands to run and it would be a trip on my own for some me time. I am going to meet up with a friend though over bubble milk tea at HiCaa in the evening.

Anyways, I made Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Fish this morning with the store bought frozen mock black pomfret. I had bought it about two months ago but I had never gotten round to cook it. Reason being, I am plain lazy as it requires quite an amount of ingredients for just one dish.

I had tried to incorporate as much ingredients as possible to make it look like the real deal. Instead of making my own sweet and sour sauce like I previously did with Sweet & Sour Pork, I resorted to store bought ready made paste.

Loved the vibrant colors of my ingredients on the sauce pan. Just like what I mentioned in my previous blog entry, Dad is a vegetarian for the time being until Mom comes home from Singapore. So, I substituted the onions for sliced gingers.

You were supposed to deep fried the mock black pomfret but I didn’t like the hassle. So, I air fried them. Well, I don’t need them to be crispy and crunchy anyways as they will soaked in the sauce. They will turn soft and slightly soggy eventually. It looked quite good in the picture, I must say. LOL!

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