Review: LiHO TEA, Brunei

LiHO TEA is a Singapore made local franchise and it had been recently brought into Brunei. The said bubble milk tea franchise is located on the ground floor of Times Square, just right across Sugarbun. I didn’t know that LiHO TEA was brought into Brunei until a friend told me so.

Now that LiHO had been brought into Brunei, I wonder if there would be opportunities for other bubble milk tea franchises like R&B Tea, MuYoo, Tiger Sugar and a lot more to be brought into Brunei.

Singapore has a few new bubble milk tea franchises sprouting throughout the island in the past few months and the latest one that I knew of was Tiger Sugar. I think both R&B Tea and Tiger Sugar could be a hit in Brunei but maybe not so much on the price tag?

LiHO TEA provides tables and chairs for patrons who wish to stay to enjoy their beverages. The seating provided were not much but sufficient as most of the diners would choose to have it takeaway and enjoy while walking around Times Square.

Earl Grey Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearl | B$3.30

Having tried the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brûlée from R&B Tea previously, this one paled in comparison. I may have complained about the overwhelming sweetness of the Brown Sugar Boba from R&B Tea. However, the Brown Sugar Pearl from LiHO wasn’t as fragrant as R&B Tea’s and definitely not as sweet either.

I was disappointed with the texture of their Brown Sugar Pearls as well. They were overcooked on the outside and turned mushy but remained chewy on the inside. I like my boba chewy all the way. San Diann had once commented that Gong Cha pearls might be the one for me and it was true indeed.

I had expected the Brown Sugar Pearl to be extremely sweet given my experience with R&B Tea previously. Hence, I requested for 30% sugar level and it was a mistake. I should have went for 50%. The taste of Earl Grey wasn’t very strong either. All in all, I wouldn’t say this was bad but extremely subjective to taste-bud.

If Earl Grey is not your cup of tea, LiHO TEA has just introduced Guan Yin series. Perhaps it might be just the one for you? Have you tried LiHO TEA and what’s your say towards their beverages? Do share!

Unit G5A, Ground Floor,
Times Square Shopping Centre,
Simpang: 13-29, Kampung Jaya Setia,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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  1. Hi LiHO. Do drop by sometime to try our full range menu. There are some interesting drinks you may like. Thanks for the support. Say Cheese!

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