09102018 / Carrara Cafe, Singapore

Just realized that I still have food pictures from Singapore which I have yet posted. I thought I had finished the last installment a month ago and only to realize that I am not at all done with them. LOL!

Carrara Cafe is one of the latest cafes around Alexandra. It is located under the residential flat right across ABC Brickworks Food Centre in Bukit Merah Lane. I remembered that Carrara Cafe was not there when I visited Geometry with Sister and Andrea back in October 2017.

Earl Grey Lavender | S$4.00

Carrara Cafe serves an extensive range of flavors and the only one which caught my attention was their Earl Grey Lavender. Sister tried some other flavors but none of them was good enough for her taste-bud. Hence, we got Earl Grey Lavender served on their house made rosemary cone to share.

The taste of lavender was distinctive in my opinion and it overpowered the taste Earl Grey. It was sweet but acceptable for me. However, both Sister and I agreed that we liked the Earl Grey Lavender from Creamier better.

Carrara Cafe
2 Jalan Bukit Merah,
Singapore 150002
Tel: +65-62509952


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