I had been home for about two hours. I left Miri from Bintang Megamall about half past 12 in the afternoon. It took almost an hour to reach the checkpoint from the town centre due to the lunch traffic.

Traffic was smooth on the way back and I managed to reach home in about 2.5 hours after I started driving. I had been contemplating whether I should go out for dinner later and get some grocery shopping done after dinner.

While I wait until it’s time for dinner, let’s get my blog entry scheduled for tomorrow posting drafted. When I was in Miri last month with Jennifer, I bumped into a friend at McDonald’s and asked her for recommendation of a good local Nasi Lemak. She recommended AYAM PENYET RIA.

She did recommend another place for Nasi Lemak. I can’t remember the name but I think the said place is located at Marina Square. I had dinner early last night. I think it was before 5PM as my last meal before that was Wanton Kolo Mee at 10:30AM. I only had liquids in between both meals.

AYAM PENYET RIA is located across Pullman Miri Waterfront. As I was lazy to drive out, AYAM PENYET RIA was the best choice at the time. Most of the restaurants have yet started dinner service at the time I wanted dinner.

Kopi Tarik (Hot) | RM4.30

Ayam Penyet with Rice | RM10.30

smashed fried chicken

Ayam Penyet is a local Indonesian cuisine and it comes with smashed fried chicken, raw vegetables, chili paste, deep fried tofu and tempe. Most of the Ayam Penyet dishes which I had previously tried were served with raw vegetables but the ones served at AYAM PENYET RIA were blanched before serving.

The highlight of their Ayam Penyet was definitely the smashed fried chicken. It was deep fried to perfection, crunchy on the skin and yet remained moist and juicy on the meat. The meat was extremely tender and they tore apart easily with a fork. The deep fried tofu was pleasant to eat as well as it didn’t taste sourish comparatively to the ones I previously had.

The chili paste served was however on the sweeter side. It would had been nicer if it was spicier. Alan later commented that their self-service chili paste was very spicy though when I told him about my food experience at AYAM PENYET RIA. I would give their self-serve chili paste a try next time.

Verdict: The restaurant operates on a partial self-ordering service. Order chits were available on all tables. All you need to do is fill in the order chit and bring it to the counter for payment. Your order would then be served shortly after.

I wasn’t sure if I was lucky, my food was placed in front of me in less than two minutes after I paid for my food. However, I noticed that some patrons got their food quite some time after they placed the order. Menu was extensive in my opinion. If Ayam Penyet is not to your liking, they have other dishes which might suit your taste-bud.

Some had asked whether I liked this better comparatively to the ones that we have here in Brunei. I would say I definitely liked this one better comparatively to the ones in Brunei. Do try for yourself and let me know what you think!

Lot 1326, Ground Floor,
Block 9, MCLD,
Miri 98000,
Tel: +60-85425222


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