Review: H!CAA 贺茶 by HILXON’S 21

Before I went down to Miri, I contacted Alan to see if he would be free to meet up on Sunday evening. I had invited Emie (his wife) too but Alan said it would be bit of a hassle for him to go back home to pick her up as they don’t live near to the town centre. So, it was only Alan and I who met up.

I chose to meet up at H!CAA 贺茶 by HILXON’S 21. It was my first time driving on my own to meet friends in Miri. I would usually have friends picking me up when I am staying for the night.

H!CAA 贺茶 by HILXON’S 21 is one of the latest bubble milk tea scenes in Miri. If I am not mistaken, I think H!CAA 贺茶 by HILXON’S 21 opened a week or two earlier than Macao Imperial Tea. As you can see in the above picture, the place is pretty spacious and it came with good lighting.

Golden Pearl Milk Caa | RM9.90

H!CAA Creme Matcha | RM12.90

As I already had Black Sugar Milk at Macao Imperial Tea earlier in the morning, I had decided to go for their H!CAA Creme Matcha. Prior to going H!CAA, I browsed through their Instagram profile and I came across their French Creme Honeydew Milk Tea.

As I didn’t see it on their menu, I asked for the availability and the staff informed me that they didn’t have it. I had requested for 50% ice and 30% of sugar level for my H!CAA Creme Matcha. The taste was quite refreshing in my opinion in spite of the creme.

I can also taste some of the undissolved matcha powder in the drink. Aside from that, I think they had also added some crushed Oreo crumbs. The portion was a lot for me and I could only managed half. All in all, this was pretty good in my opinion.

H!CAA 贺茶 by HILXON’S 21
Lot 2093, Jalan M/S 1/1,
Marina Square Phase 1,
Marina Park City,
Miri 98000,

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