Cooking Diary #54: Mixed Vegetables Curry (Vegetarian)

It had been a long time since I put off cooking curry at home. First of all, I hate the oil splatters when cooking the curry paste. The oil splatters didn’t get on me this time round but they were everywhere on the stove and kitchen top.

As I had been craving for something hot and spicy, I made an exception this time round and cooked a big pot of Vegetarian Mixed Vegetables Curry!

For a more distinct curry flavor, I had added four bunches of curry leaves. The curry leaves were homegrown. I kind of went overboard with the ingredients. I used one whole sweet cabbage, two carrots, few long beans, 10 squared tofu puffs and some mock chicken. As I did not know how to make my own curry paste, I resorted to store bought ready made curry paste.

After all the fuss with the oil splatters, here I am presenting to you my home-cooked Vegetarian Mixed Vegetables Curry! I didn’t use up the whole lot of coconut milk but half only. The curry broth was a little bit sweet and yet spicy at the same time.

I liked that the sweet cabbage and carrots added sweetness to the curry broth. The curry broth gets even spicier when I had it for dinner yesterday evening. As I wouldn’t be cooking curry again any time soon, I used up the whole packet of the ready made curry paste hence it was really spicy.

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