Cooking Diary #55: Coriander Omelette

As I had made arrangement to go for breakfast together with two of my colleagues, I woke up earlier this morning to prepare lunch. Today’s lunch was a relatively easy one. I boiled a pot of ABC Soup and made some Coriander Omelette.

Coriander Omelette

For those who didn’t like the taste of coriander may find this dish a turn off. I was first introduced to Coriander Omelette by one of my colleagues. It was a turn off for me as well on first impression. However, it tasted pretty good with the right seasoning.

What I did was sauteed the thinly chopped coriander before mixing them into the egg mixture. Add a little bit of seasoning into the egg mixture. I added some light soy sauce and a few dashes of white pepper powder. You can add some chicken stock powder if you want. I didn’t because this was supposed to be made as a vegetarian dish.

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