Of Random Things #200

I finished Gangnam Beauty pretty fast. The storyline was okay in my opinion but it wasn’t as good as some others which I had previously watched. But if you want something light, Gangnam Beauty is one to consider.

I am currently watching Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me and halfway through with the series as of now. It was pretty good but I didn’t like that it comes with a lot of flashbacks. It could be confusing at times. The storyline involves some past and present life, something like reincarnation.

Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me

Sometimes I’ll just listen to the drama series without watching and do something else at the same time. Despite not understanding most of the things they said, I still managed to catch some keywords. I think I could manage like 10% of what they were saying. LOL!

I had been downloading quite a bit lately and there were a few new ones which were recently released. There would be a few newer ones releasing over the next few days.

When Time Stopped

Fluttering Warning

The Last Empress

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Aside from Korean drama series, I had also downloaded a fair share of Mainland ones. When I was going through the drama series in my external hard disk, I realized that the Mainland ones which I had previously downloaded were as much as the Korean ones.

Our Glamorous Time



Never Gone

This is the TV series version. As much as I know, this series is the adaptation of a movie of the same name which was released years ago. I had never watched the movie and I am contemplating if I should. I guess it will subject to whether I am still able to download it.

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