24102018 / Yang Seng Restaurant & Catering

My colleagues and I went for breakfast together last Saturday morning before we head to work. It had been quite some time since I last had breakfast outside prior to going to work in the morning. On the final two weeks before Mom came home from Singapore, I had most of my breakfasts at home as I had been trying to eat clean.

As you can see from my previous blog entries, I had salad bowls on most days. On the days when I don’t feel like eating salads, I would have my gluten free Corn Crispbreads for breakfast with Peanut Butter Jelly spread. As a matter of fact, I had that too this morning but with Yumi’s Roasted Pumpkin hommus dip and it was so good!

Anyways, let’s not stray from today’s topic and get started!

Kolo Kueh Tiaw

As I had been trying to cut down on my wheat intake, I resorted to having Kolo Kueh Tiaw as opposed to the usual Kolo Mee. I had the basic and it came with Char Siu slices. The Char Siu slices were tender this time round but on the sweeter side though. All in all, it was a good combo.

Homemade Fish Ball with Bittergourd Soup

My colleague ordered this with a side of plain Kolo Kueh Tiaw. It came with a decent amount of their homemade fish paste and balls. The former was smoother in terms of texture. However, the fish balls came with some fish bones in it. The bittergourd soup was clear without being overly greasy.

Yang Seng Restaurant & Catering
No: 34, Simpang: 5,
Jalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8929339

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