Cooking Diary #57: Kimchi Jigae

Good morning! I am up early this morning but it was rather hard this time round as I had not been up early for the past two days. I think my sleeping routine had returned to the time when I do not have to wake up early for kitchen duties.

As I mentioned in my previous few blog entry, I made Kimchi Jigae last Sunday for lunch as I had been craving it for more than weeks. I had been to Brukori a few times for their Kimchi Jigae. Sadly, they were always sold out on the days when I was there.

I was so disappointed to the max that I decided to make my own instead. So, I went to Hallyu Mart at Batu Bersurat to purchase all the necessary ingredients including ready made preserved Kimchi and Gochujang!

It was cheaper to get the other brand of Gochujang from Hua Ho, Kiulap but I didn’t know that until days after I had bought this from Hallyu Mart. The other brands available at Hallyu Mart were too big in size that I don’t think was an viable option considering that I won’t even be cooking Kimchi Jigae very often.

Kimchi Jigae

Presenting to you my homemade Kimchi Jigae! Jennifer told me that her mom added canned tuna chunks when making Kimchi Jigae. Canned tuna chunks didn’t sound good to me as I am not a fan of the fishy taste in my Kimchi Jigae.

So, I used pork belly instead. I cut them into cubed size and pan fried them over non-stick pan with a little bit of oil. I had also added some onions, Enoki mushroom and silken tofu. Koreans use firm tofu in their stew dishes but I prefer the texture of imported silken tofu. For flavors, I had added one heaping big tablespoon of Gochujang, some light soy sauce and two pinches of raw sugar.

I had shared a small bowl of this Kimchi Jigae with my colleague and she said it was good despite the spiciness. As for Jennifer, she mentioned that most of her family member could not tolerate the spiciness but it was just nice for her. The spiciness was above my usual threshold but I could still handle it well enough. I had some preserved Kimchi left and I think I would be making Kimchi Pajeon soon.


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