27112018 / Chocolate Filling Soft Serve, Burger King

Burger King had recently introduced a new dessert – Chocolate Waffle Soft Serve on top of their regular soft serves and sundaes. I had been craving for a vanilla soft-serve for some time and I finally caved in few days ago. As I needed to run some errands at BIBD Kiulap last Tuesday evening, I dropped by Burger King for the said dessert.

Chocolate Filling Soft Serve | B$2.00

The portion could be small for some but it was just nice for me. I downed the whole thing in less than five minutes. The vanilla soft-serve wasn’t sweet in my opinion. The sweetness was well balanced to my liking. It was smooth in texture and tasted milky at the same time. The waffle cone was surprisingly a lot nicer than I expected. It was fragrant with a crunchy texture.

As I was halfway through with the vanilla soft-serve, I wondered when would I taste the chocolate filling. I thought they only filled the sides with chocolate filling in the beginning.

As you can see in the above picture, the chocolate filling took up about one third of the cone. The chocolate filling was sweeter comparatively to the vanilla soft-serve and overwhelming when eaten on it’s own. It pairs better with the vanilla soft-serve.

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