Of Random Things #201

Having eaten Orgran Gluten Free Corn Crispbread for breakfast in the past few days, I made salad bowl this morning with the leftover canned tuna. I had wanted to make another portion for my colleague but I ran out of canned tuna.

I had ran out of ideas what to use as my source of protein. Any idea? I know I could use some steamed or boiled chicken breast but I am not a huge fan of chicken breast as they tend to be on the dry side if not done properly. I had Chicken Teriyaki previously and it was good but time consuming to prepare in my opinion.

Tuna Salad Bowl

Base / Mixed Lettuce
Vege / Cucumber, Sweet Corn, Cherry Tomato
Protein / Ayam Brand Tuna Chunks in Organic Olive Oil
Sauce / Kewpie Roasted Sesame Dressing
Topping / Yumi’s Roasted Pumpkin Hommus Dip

So, here’s what I had this morning. Instead of having hard boiled egg like in my previous salad bowls, I omitted it and replaced with Yumi’s Roasted Pumpkin Hommus Dip. The hommus dip was slightly curried if I am not wrong and it went well with the cucumber.

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