02122018 / TWO SONS COFFEE

I was craving for coffee and some cakes earlier last week. It happened to be a donut day at TWO SONS COFFEE yesterday. As usual, the cafe would be extremely crowded on donut day. So, San Diann and I avoided the crowd and met up in the afternoon.

When I arrived at the cafe, there weren’t much choices of bakes left. They only had Scandinavian Apple Pie left but they told me that Banana Loaf would be out in 20 minutes. So, I ordered my Latte and waited for San Diann to arrive.

Latte | B$5.00

Scandinavian Apple Pie | B$2.50

As I mentioned above, Scandinavian Apple Pie was the only bake they had at the time when I arrived. So, I got one to share. Instead of served in the form of a pie, it was made into a cake. The topping was made of green apple, kind of caramelized and came with a good amount of ground cinnamon. I loved the combination of apples with cinnamon but the cake was a bit too sweet for me.

Banana Loaf | B$3.30

Banana Loaf, served in mini loaves size was good in my opinion. It was soft and spongy in texture, packed with banana flavors and wee bit of crunchy texture from the poppy seeds. The cake tasted both sweet and tad salty in my opinion.

I loved the texture and how they incorporated poppy seeds into the cake for a healthy touch. If you wanted something extra, go for their Peanut Butter Loaf. I have yet tried their Peanut Butter Loaf but I am sure it would be good as banana makes a good combo with peanut butter.

Unit C8, Block C,
Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1318,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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