09122018 / Geo Eats

Jennifer and I met up for lunch yesterday afternoon at Geo Eats. We intended to meet at EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club and went in one car to Geo Eats. Jennifer later found out that it would be convenient for us to go in our own cars than to meet at one point and carpooled.

We agreed to meet at 12:45PM and I arrived 15 minutes earlier. Jennifer arrived shortly after I did. It was slightly drizzling at the time I arrived but the sun came out big and bright shortly after the rain stopped.

As I am trying to be careful with my food intake, I was tempted to order their Vegan Ratatouille but contemplated as it contained aubergine. Aubergine tends escalate the pain on my foot. It wasn’t medically proven but that was what happened whenever I ate aubergine. We settled with an appetizer and a main course in the end.

Patatas Bravas | B$3.00

fried cubed potatoes served with spicy tomato sauce and sriracha mayonnaise

This is one of the vegan options they have in house. It was served with fried cubed potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce that tasted like their Shashuka in my opinion and a good amount of Sriracha mayonnaise. The dish in overall was a good combination in my opinion. I love the hearty spicy stew base despite the spiciness. It was definitely appetizing enough to kick start the meal.

Geo Eats’ Avocado Toast | B$10.00

avocados with hummus spread and eggs served on house made country loaf bread, garnished with chili flakes and feta cheese

Their Avocado Toast was however a let down in my opinion and it took a long time to be served. However, the slow serving time wasn’t the reason of my disappointment towards the dish. When I first had their house made sourdough bread, I loved it.

Unfortunately, the house made country loaf bread didn’t live up to my expectation as they were dry and dense in texture. Sad to say, I could only manage half of the bread. The toppings were great though. Their Avocado Toast is one of the bestselling ones as almost all the tables had this at the time we were there yesterday.

Geo Eats
No: 13, Simpang: 381,
Jalan Jerudong,
Kampung Jerudong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8271381

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