09122018 / Santan

I first came to know of Santan when I was picking Sister from the airport some time last year. They were having a pop up store on the arrival hall at the time. It was only for a temporary period of time.

They were only having coconut flavor at the time and it was really good. As a matter of fact, I think it was the best coconut flavor ice-cream I had tasted so far. Click here if you are interested to know more of my write-up of their coconut ice-cream.

They had recently opened another branch at Times Square after Soon Lee Pandan in Kuala Belait. Aside from serving coconut flavored ice-cream, they had introduced quite a bit of other new flavors and one of them being durian.

These were the flavor which they had in store at the moment. I remembered San Diann once mentioned that Santan introduced Teh Tarik Halia flavor. According to him, it was a big hit and sold out pretty quick to the extent that he had to leave his name and number so that they could contact him on their next launch.

Durian Ice-Cream (Double Scoop) | B$3.50

You can choose your ice-cream to be served on either cup or cone. I went for the cup. A cup can house two scoops and I was being asked to choose another flavor after durian. To be honest, I find that durian would overpower anything. So, I went for two scoops of the same flavor. Toppings were offered complimentary to which I didn’t choose any.

Anyways, I bought this for my mom. I didn’t have any of it as I was trying to cut down sugary food intake after dinner. Mom commented that the ice-cream tasted strong of durian and not artificial. She guessed that it was made of our local Durian Putih. The texture was smooth and tasted milky at the same time. It was a bit sweet for her but she didn’t complain much. So, all was good.

For your information, Santan is located on the ground floor of Times Square and right next to Standard Chartered Bank’s ATM machine. I think you had to pass by BIBD’s ATM machine to see Santan.


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