09122018 / New Sentosa Restaurant

I had returned to my walking routine since two Sundays ago. I would spend an hour of my day off walking around Tasek in Bandar and off to breakfast with my colleagues at around 8:30AM. I stopped my walking routine when I came back from Singapore last October with the reason that my foot hurts. It still hurts now but progressing better than before.

On my last day off, I went for breakfast at New Sentosa Restaurant in Gadong. My colleagues and I went to buy some local Nyonya delicacies from Mary’s Chai Kueh. As there weren’t much breakfast places nearby, we resorted to New Sentosa Restaurant.

Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw | B$4.00

Wanton Kolo Mee Hoon | B$3.20

If you had been following my blog, you would have noticed that I had been trying to cut down on wheat intake. I wouldn’t be fully removing it from my daily diet as I do not want to experience withdrawal symptoms while traveling.

The Kolo Mee Hoon wasn’t very well seasoned and tad bland in my opinion. The Wanton skin was a bit undercooked as well. I wasn’t very impressed with my Wanton Kolo Mee Hoon in overall. My colleague who shared my breakfast commented the same thing too. Their Kueh Chap was pretty decent but the pig skins were tough in my opinion.

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