14122018 / Rumah Gelato Kiulap II

After dinner at Hangug Korean Restaurant, Ing was saying that she was craving for boba and the nearest that we could think of was Gong Cha. San Diann on the other hand mentioned that he wanted to try the Speculoos Cinnamon by Rumah Gelato.

Speculoos Cinnamon was recently introduced. The said flavor was like that upgraded version of their all time favorite – Crunchy Speculoos. I am wondering if they had discontinued Crunchy Speculoos as I don’t see it anymore at any of their branches.

Speculoos Cinnamon & Minty Chocolate | B$3.80

As we had no idea how would the Speculoos Cinnamon taste like, we requested for a tester. San Diann mentioned that it didn’t taste of cinnamon. So, I assumed that cinnamon powder dusted over the gelato was for presentation purpose. You would only taste the cinnamon if you got the cinnamon covered areas.

To prove my theory right, I requested a tester that contained no cinnamon powder and the gelato tasted exactly like Crunchy Speculoos. If you are not fond of cinnamon but love their Crunchy Speculoos, fret not! You can ask for Speculoos Cinnamon but request the staff to avoid the cinnamon covered areas?

Another flavor of choice was Minty Chocolate. I was up for something chocolate and yet minty at the same time. Minty Chocolate tasted minty as what the title claimed but I honestly think it could be stronger. It did leave my throat feeling chilly and there were bits of chocolate in the gelato. All in all, both flavors worked well with each other.

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