Of Random Things #207

I woke up early yesterday to go for a walk at Tasek with Jia in the morning. Picked her up from her house and we walked around Tasek for about an hour and off we went to order takeaway food to bring home. Jia got a few packets of chicken rice for her family while I got some Nyonya delicacies from Mary’s Chai Kueh.

Came home and showered immediately as I needed to head out for my 11AM hair appointment with Frances. It turned out that Frances had missed out my appointment and she was doing another customer when I arrived on the dot. She was apologetic so I went away for a while to get some grocery shopping done and returned when she was done with the customer.

I went to Supa Save, Mata Mata and Guan Hock Lee for my gluten free food. Honestly speaking, GF foods were so much more expensive than regular ones. I spent about B$35 on just a few items at Supa Save and $10 for my GF bread.

Orgran Gluten Free Kids Choc Chips Biscuits | B$3.40

I bought this to try as I had been craving for chocolate chip cookies. It tasted okay, close to the real deal but a bit on the sweeter side. I had also bought two packs of Chia Crispbread and another bag of Real Foods Rice Thins Multigrain. These GF food supplies could probably last me for the next two weeks. Oh yeah … I had also bought a pack of GF pasta too.

I bought this GF bread from Guan Hock Lee for B$10! Luckily, it didn’t taste as bad as I anticipated. Aside from Guan Hock Lee, you could also get GF bread from Mr. Baker Bakeshop but you need to place a minimal order of five loaves for them to bake. So, I’ll make do with this from Guan Hock Lee in the mean time. This whole loaf could probably last me about two weeks or more?

Breakfast for this morning was GF bread with a slice of cheese, sunny side up with some chili sauce. I toasted the bread before placing the toppings. The crust were originally dark in color and was thicker comparatively to regular breads.

So, how does GF bread taste like comparatively to regular ones? They were a bit soft but in a dense way. Texture wise, a bit powdery due to the ingredients used to make these.

I am thinking of cooking pasta for breakfast tomorrow morning with my store bought GF pasta and some of my leftover tuna from the other day. Hopefully, GF pasta would be as good as the ones made of wheat.

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