Of Random Things #208

Good morning! My colleagues and I would be having a birthday dinner tonight. It’s not my birthday, if you are wondering. The birthday lady herself mentioned that she wanted a place that uses fork and knife as eating utensils. I assumed that she was implying Western cuisine. LOL!

There is a Western restaurant in the city which I have yet tried and it has been around for quite some time. San Diann who had been there previously mentioned that the food were good. I’ll try tonight and hopefully the food would be as good as how he claimed.

I had finished watching Devilish Charm for more than a week. Instead of resuming with another K-Drama, I chose to watch Meteor Garden 2018 this time round. The series was 50 episodes long and I think it was one of the longest Mainland drama series which I had ever downloaded.

Meteor Garden 2018

I had watched various adaptations of Meteor Garden – Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. To be honest, I think this Chinese version is by far the best of all and my least favourite was probably the first and foremost Taiwanese adaptation of Meteor Garden.

The characters were better looking than the casts from before and the storyline was softer. F4 from Meteor Garden 2018 wasn’t the bullying kind comparatively to the other three adaptations from before. Have you watched the recent Chinese adaptation of Meteor Garden and what are your say? Do comment!

One thought on “Of Random Things #208

  1. i watched two times already this Meteor Garden 2018! nicer than the previous one and Dao Ming Shi very handsome! hahaha

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