Review: Bloom Cafe, One Riverside Residence

I was out the whole day today. I woke up early for my Sunday morning walk at Tasek Lama. I walked for about an hour before returning home to shower and head out to get some errands done.

I got my eyebrow trimmed this morning as they were growing out of shape and it really bugs me whenever I look at them. I didn’t do my nails today as I had gotten them done last Friday evening. I prefer to get most things done on weekdays’ evenings so that I wouldn’t have to rush to get things done on Sundays.

Anyways, San Diann and I met for coffee this afternoon as he only wanted coffee instead of lunch. I let him choose the venue this time round and he chose Bloom Cafe. It wasn’t a surprise to me since Bloom Cafe is one of the latest cafes in town and he likes to try out new cafes.

It took me a while to figure out the location of Bloom Cafe. Prior to going, San Diann told me to go in from where Riverview Hotel used to be. Thing is, I didn’t know how to get to Riverview Hotel from the road. So, I used Waze and realized that Bloom Cafe wasn’t on Waze yet.

I managed to get San Diann to share me his location since he was already at Bloom Cafe. The funny thing was that the GPS kept on telling me to go into Kiulap to get to Bloom Cafe. So, I was thinking how on earth could I get to Bloom Cafe from Kiulap?

Does the GPS wants me to swim to Bloom Cafe? Little did I know that there was a bridge which connects from Kiulap to One Riverside Residence. LOL!

The cafe is currently on soft opening stage. So, they would only be serving coffees and some baked goods. San Diann had sent me a picture of what they were offering prior to me arriving and I was tempted to try their Vegan Chocolate.

Latte (10 oz) | B$6.90

Flat White (7 oz) | B$5.50

Vegan Chocolate | B$4.50

As I was trying to reduce my wheat intake, we ordered a slice of Vegan Chocolate to share. Coincidentally, San Diann mentioned that he was still full from his heavy lunch earlier on. So, we made do with a slice only.

The cake was soft, moist and packed with chocolate flavor. The cake was topped with a thin spread of chocolate ganache. I liked that the cake wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. As a matter of fact, it had just the right sweetness level for me. I had also detected slight crunchiness in the cake. Chia seeds or flax egg maybe?

Verdict: Bloom Cafe is nestled on the ground floor of Block A, One Riverside Residence. According to San Diann, the cafe is easily accessible via the bridge which connects from the police station booth in Kiulap to One Riverside Residence.

As the cafe is still on soft opening stage, they are only offering baked goods and coffee at the moment. They had Matcha Crème Brûlée today but we didn’t try it. I had wanted to try their Carrot Bread too but I didn’t want to max out my wheat quota for the day. I would leave Carrot Bread for another day. Hopefully, they would still have it when I return next time.

Pricing was on the steep side in my opinion due to the location. The Vegan Chocolate may looked big in the picture but it was actually smaller in size than regular size sliced cakes. Despite the steep price, it was still one of the best chocolate cakes that I had.


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