06012019 / Happy Cream & Co. Cafe

Happy Cream & Co. had recently opened their very own first ice-cream cafe in the building behind The Arch. The cafe had only been opened for about two weeks or so. As I had been busy with work during their opening period, I chose to drop by last Sunday with San Diann and another friend.

The cafe was pretty packed at the time since it was a Sunday. Sunday meant family day for families. One of the reasons of our visit was that San Diann wanted to try their newly introduced flavor – Blue Coconut. The said flavor was made of butterfly pea flower for the color with a coconut flavored base.

Waffles & Ice Cream (2 Scoops) | B$8.00

homemade fresh Belgian waffles with 2 scoops of premium handcrafted ice cream

Sitting on top of the homemade fresh Belgian waffle were Vegan Caramel Biscuit and Blue Coconut. As you can see in the above picture, the dessert plating was nicely done with chocolate syrup drizzled and confectioner sugar dusted around the waffle.

The waffle was served warm. It had deep pockets but fluffy and airy in texture. It was definitely one of the best waffles that I had to date. The Blue Coconut ice cream was made with butterfly pea flower and a coconut base.

The butterfly pea flower had no taste and it serves as a coloring in my opinion. The Vegan Caramel Biscuit was too sweet for my liking but San Diann commented that the sweetness level toned down when paired with the waffle. Both ice creams had a smooth and creamy texture.

Aside from serving waffle ice cream, Happy Cream & Co. serves some beverages too but choices are not extensive in my opinion. They are only having pour over, cold brew, Milo and signature milkshakes made of their premium handcrafted ice creams.

Happy Cream & Co. Cafe
Unit 1, First Floor,
Bangunan Majid Mohammad,
Jalan Pasar Baru,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8158587

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