Of Random Things #212

If you followed my Instagram Story last Sunday, you might have known that I went to watch More Than Blue on my own. Most of my friends had watched this movie shortly after it was aired so there was no one to join me. Jennifer didn’t want to join me as she is not a big fan of sad and emotional movie.

San Diann who had watched More Than Blue told me that it was a depressingly sad and tear inducing kind of movie. Both he and my friend told me to get ready a packet of tissue. LOL! If you are wondering, I went without the tissue.

More Than Blue

This said movie is the Taiwanese adaptation of Korean’s More Than Blue. The storyline was not bad but I honestly thought that the trailer was nicer?

When I had finished the movie, San Diann was asking me if I cried. Well, maybe a drop of tear when both leads died together at the ending. However, the others started to cry from the first half of the movie. You can hear sniffing sounds from different directions.

I think San Diann was surprised to know that I didn’t cry as much as others or he did. Perhaps I wasn’t as sad as I thought I would be at the time. Additionally, I was also warned at how sad and emotional More Than Blue would be. So, it prepared me of what to expect and at the same time upgraded my tearing threshold subconsciously. I do have to agree that sad and emotional soundtracks do make a difference.


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