Review: MeetUAll Korean Restaurant

One of the newest food scenes in the Sultanate is MeetUAll Korean Restaurant located at Little Soho. Next to the said Korean restaurant is their very own Korean convenience store – MeetUAll Korean Mart.

Before going in MeetUAll Korean Restaurant, I dropped by MeetUAll Korean Mart and noticed that they have an extensive range of instant ramen. It is definitely a heaven on earth for instant ramen lovers out there.

As I had been watching a fair share of Korean drama series recently, I did feel a sense of excitement as I browsed through the rows of Korean instant ramen. However, it was short lived as I had been removing wheat from my daily food intake.

King, San Diann and I met yesterday evening to try MeetUAll Korean Restaurant. The restaurant was packed but we managed to get a table for four nearby to the service counter. The menu wasn’t very extensive in my opinion and could be limited for those who have dietary restrictions. The three of us decided to order two dishes to share as we agreed on coffees after dinner.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday evening!

Korean Style Spicy Chicken | B$10.00

This was served with a side of crinkled fries. I was expecting chicken cuts but it was served with chicken breast cubes coated with thick sweet spicy sauce. The chicken breast cubes were surprisingly moist and tender. The batter which coated the outer layer of the chicken breast cubes added some crunch to the chicken. The sweet spicy sauce was tad spicy in my opinion but it was mad love.

Odeng Soup | B$12.00

I wanted something soupy and light to go with the Korean Style Spicy Chicken. I love watching Korean drama series where the casts would enjoy those street food during the winter season. King was asking what this was when it was served. For someone who had been to Seoul and watches Korean drama series, I was quite taken aback that he didn’t know what Odeng is.

I loved the fish sticks and it did gave me a bit of Korean feel. However, it’s something that you can buy from our local Korean convenience store and recreate the recipe at home at a much cheaper price. The soup was lightly salted. This is definitely worth considering if you wanted something light to wash off the other greasy food.

Verdict: Much to my surprise, the food were served promptly after ordering despite that the restaurant was packed. Pricing was a little bit steep in my opinion but it was still on par with the quality of the food served. The restaurant was aptly decorated with a touch of classy fine dining.

However, I find that the restaurant was a bit noisy, especially with the music playing in the background. I honestly don’t mind returning to try the other dishes. As a matter of fact, I planned to return for their Rice Bowl with Spicy Chicken and Hotteok.

MeetUAll Korean Restaurant
Unit 14, Little Soho,
Ground Floor, Block B,
Simpang: 75-5-8,
Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2428462

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