23012019 / Kuala Lurah

I crossed the border for dinner with San Diann and King yesterday evening. We did so because my car entry permit for both sides had expired and parents needed to go Limbang for errands the next day. We intended to cross border on this coming Friday evening but the guys mentioned that it would be very congested at both side of checkpoints. So, they asked if I could make do with Wednesday evening instead.

Jia who had seen my Instagram post on Le Tian of our previous trip mentioned that we should go Paloma instead. We made an attempt to look for Paloma this time round and we still didn’t get the place right. San Diann who had been to Paloma didn’t know that the said restaurant is known as Paloma in English. For your information, Paloma is also known as 家乡风味 in Chinese.

We would definitely be going to the right one next time as San Diann already knew which stall is Paloma. He always frequent Paloma whenever he goes Paloma with his boss. Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday evening!

As usual, the guys would go for the grilled food. They didn’t order much this time round as I had told them I am not much of a fan of grilled food. However, I did like the sausage and fish cakes. LOL! It tasted good when dipped with the spicy chili sauce.

Sweet & Sour Pork

Prior to going, we came to an agreement of what to order so that we don’t swayed with different choices. We stick to ordering what we all can eat. The lady boss of the stall that we patronized recommended us seafood and we shook our heads. LOL!

The first dish which we ordered was this Sweet & Sour Pork. It was served with the lean pork slices instead of the fatty parts. Having said so, the meat was tender in my opinion. San Diann who are used to Brunei’s rendition of Sweet & Sour Pork preferred that it came with fatty parts instead.

Stirfry Manicai with Egg

Deep Fried Signature Tofu

After we had placed our orders for the above two, I suggested that we order another vegetable dish and San Diann suggested tofu. I wanted deep fried ones instead of gravy based tofu dishes. Hence the lady boss recommended us their Signature Tofu.

To be honest, it was just meh in my opinion. It tasted pretty bland to me despite that I ate them with the dipping sauce of mayonnaise and chili sauce. We had at least a quarter of the tofu left towards the end of the meal and we fed them to the dogs who waited patiently by our tables. We weren’t being unappreciative but we thought it’s best to put the tofu to good use rather than throwing them away.

Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage

After we had our share of bland tasting Fried Bee Hoon from Le Tian on our previous visit, we ordered fried rice this time round. You can choose in between various meats to go with the fried rice and we got Chinese Sausage. They have Char Siu too if you want. I liked that the fried rice wasn’t cooked with mixed frozen vegetables but thinly sliced Chye Sim.

San Diann commented that the Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage tasted a bit bland for him. I, on the other hand find that the bland taste compliments the sauce from the other dishes well. Having said so, I did think it lacked wok hei.

Verdict: The food were hit and miss in my opinion. I was satisfied with most of them aside from the Deep Fried Signature Tofu. There weren’t much liquor options this time round and all the stalls only had one specific brand of beer. As usual, I had Coke while the guys had beer.

The environment was much better this time round as it wasn’t crowded and definitely less smoky comparatively to my last visit. If you are like me who hates smoky environment but enjoy the extra food once in a while, drop by on weekdays instead of weekends.


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