Review: Alan’s Churros

One of my to-try foods at the Consumer Fair was churros by Alan’s Churros. In spite that I had been reducing wheat from my daily food intake, I couldn’t resist this sweet dessert.

The three of us ordered a portion to share so that we could have extra tummy space for others. One of the staffs suggested two portions as it would be a dollar cheaper. We stick to one portion as I knew I would only take a stick out of the portion.

Churros | B$3.00

We were being told to wait three minutes for the churros to be served after placing our order. A portion of churros was served with five sticks (I think). You get to choose one topping and a sauce of your choice from the options provided. They had icing sugar and cinnamon for toppings whereas chocolate, white peanut and butterscotch for the sauce.

I had wanted cinnamon but they ran out of it so icing sugar it was with some butterscotch sauce. The three of us loved the crunchy exterior of the churros but the filling was tad wet. The combination of icing sugar and butterscotch was surprisingly not as sweet as I anticipated. If I were to return to Coffee Field for the churros, I would go for cinnamon with chocolate.


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