Review: Matcha Mana Co

I didn’t manage to update yesterday as I was out and about most of the day. I spent half a day at the salon doing my hair. I started the day with my weekly morning walk at Tasek. I was reluctant to go. I kept peeking through the window to see if it would rain but it didn’t. So, I dragged by bum, drove out and sweated a little during the walk. However, I couldn’t help but noticed that my motivation had worn off a little. Sister told me to eat more to keep the motivation going.

As I had missed yesterday’s post, I would be making it up by posting two blog entries today. Matcha Mana Co is one of the recent cafes’ establishment in the town area and it specializes in brewing Matcha beverages. Matcha Mana Co is located next to DeRoyalle Cafe. Speaking of DeRoyalle Cafe, I noticed that they had ceased operation. DeRoyalle Cafe was one of the first few which their business hour was round the clock.

San Diann mentioned that he had never been to DeRoyalle Cafe before it closed down and it was sad to see that it ceased operation before he was able to try. For someone who had been actively trying out new food places, I was rather surprised to hear that he had never been to DeRoyalle Cafe.

Matcha Mana Co is located in the same building where Singapore Airline is but they are the ground floor. You go in from the side entrance where DeRoyalle Cafe used to be. The cafe wasn’t very big in size but I liked the minimalist and simplistic interior design. One of the Instagram foodies asked if Matcha Mana Co offers dine in. Yes, they do but subjective to seats’ availability as the bar counter could only seat about three to four.

Their opening hours is a bit short in my opinion and I do hope that they would extent in the near future. They are currently on soft opening stage. So, their menu option is yet extensive in my opinion. I think they might be serving desserts in the near future as they had installed glass shelf which I do think is for desserts. I may be wrong though.

Iced Matcha White Chocolate | B$7.90

matcha latte sweetened with real Belgian white chocolate

I took a longer time scanning through the menu before settling with their Matcha White Chocolate. For Matcha lovers, I am pretty sure you would be spoilt with choices. I had wanted to try Hojicha Latte too but it can wait. What I had was a regular iced Matcha Latte but sweetened with Belgian white chocolate.

The said chocolate was in the form of liquid which I assumed was melted Belgian white chocolate. As I had requested for less sweet, they reduced the amount of the white chocolate sauce. The Matcha powder was properly dissolved but it left a powdery aftertaste. I liked what I had but it lacked the bittersweet taste which I adore in Matcha beverages.

I was excited to see that they serve non-lactose milk options! For lactose intolerant, you are spoilt with choices. They are offering soy and almond milk but at a dollar extra. I liked that they are not serving regular brands but So Good! Price was on the steep side in my opinion. I had soy milk and my total bill came up to B$8.90 for a cup of iced Matcha Latte.

Matcha Mana Co
Unit 2, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Ahmad,
Jalan Sultan,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2222095

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