09022019 / MeetUAll Korean Restaurant

We came back from Kota Kinabalu (KK) yesterday afternoon. Our flight landed earlier than the estimated arrival time. Baggage collection took quite some time as four flights landed at the same time. I didn’t check in my luggage but Sister did. So, I headed to collect my car first to fully utilize the time.

We unpacked immediately after we arrived home and headed out for dinner with San Diann at MeetUAll Korean Restaurant. Mom didn’t tag along this time round but King joined us when our last two dishes were served.

The restaurant was a lot more crowded this time round than my last visit. Hence, the kitchen took a longer time to prepare the food. Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday evening!

Rice Bowl Spicy Chicken | B$12.00

One of the dishes which I had been tempted to try from MeetUAll Korean Restaurant was this. The red looking meat dish looked extremely spicy to me. True to it’s appearance, the dish was as spicy as it looked.

The said dish was served with rice, topped with boneless chicken chunks and cabbage in spicy red sauce. I liked that they used the meat from a chicken thigh hence the meat remained moist and tender. The sauce went very well with the rice. However, I would say this is definitely not tummy friendly for those with low threshold for spicy food. Having said so, it was still addictive in spite of the spiciness.

Korean Style Spicy Chicken | B$10.00

Soy Sauce Tteokbokki | B$8.00

As we already had ordered two fiery hot dishes, we chose to order their Soy Sauce Tteokbokki which little did we know was cooked with beef until served. Both Sister and I avoided the beef and had a bit of the rice cake.

Texture wise, it was to my liking. It had the springy texture that I loved. The sauce was quite loaded with black pepper and had a hint of sweetness. Nevertheless, it was still addictive. I wouldn’t mind returning again for their Soy Sauce Tteokbokki but I would definitely request to be cooked with chicken instead of beef.

Coconut Bingsu | B$10.00

As we were lazy and tired to drive out for a second round of dessert/coffee, we settled dessert together with dinner. We had Coconut Bingsu. Sadly speaking, my picture didn’t turned out as good as it looked in real life.

The dessert was served in a real coconut shell with finely shaved ice siting inside the shell, topped with crushed cookies, coconut jelly, vanilla ice-cream, waffle biscuit and a rosemary stalk for decoration purpose. On my first taste, the shaved ice tasted of artificially flavored syrup from the Coconut Jelly.

However, I got to taste the apparent taste of coconut after a few teaspoons. The fine shaved ice was coconut flavored. The combination of coconut shaved ice with vanilla ice-cream was excellent but the vanilla ice-cream which they used was just ordinary to me.

MeetUAll Korean Restaurant
Unit 14, Little Soho,
Ground Floor, Block B,
Simpang: 75-5-8,
Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2428462


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