11022019 / Miri

I was in Miri earlier this week for dental scaling as I needed to get a quotation from my dentist as to how much it would cost to have my dental crown replaced. I was being quoted RM1,800 for the crown itself and I suspected that the price may not include other services involved in the process of the replacement.

Mom and I left the house 10 minutes to 7AM and we arrived Miri town area before 9AM. I wanted to try a new eatery around Boulevard area but it was closed for Monday. Hence, we randomly picked a coffee shop for breakfast. I had been craving for Laksa since Kota Kinabalu (KK) but didn’t managed to get it satisfied while in KK.

Kolo Mee | RM3

Laksa | RM6

As I didn’t get my craving fixed in KK, I went to the Laksa stall and ordered myself a small bowl of Laksa. A small bowl of Laksa as pictured above was selling for RM6 and RM7 for a big bowl. The portion for small bowl was just nice for me without feeling too full after breakfast.

It was served with thick Bee Hoon, shredded chicken, sliced omelette, two prawns and some coriander leaves. The soup base wasn’t spicy enough for my liking but was just right for Mom. I liked that it didn’t came loaded with coconut milk.

If you noticed, I had also requested for no beansprout. In overall, I was satisfied with this bowl of Laksa and it definitely fixed my craving for a good bowl of Laksa. I don’t mind returning next time if I am craving for Laksa while in Miri.

As Mom and I were walking back to our car after breakfast, we came across a Hilux with a trunk full of durians. We stopped by and Mom bought four durians for RM40.

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