12032019 / Iron Chef

Dinner yesterday was at Iron Chef, a recently established Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant on the first floor of Manggis Mall. I would normally avoid Teppanyaki restaurant as I hate food smell staining my clothing after a meal. I had been to Iron Chef previously and I was extremely impressed with their ventilation system.

Reservation was made ahead of time in case they would be fully booked. Much to my surprise, the restaurant was less than half full at the time I walked in. Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday evening!

Salmon Mentai Meal Set | B$7.90

Served with two thin salmon fillets topped with a thick layer of torched Mentai sauce, greens, Miso soup and rice. The salmon fillets were well done and the torched Mentai sauce gave them an extra creamy texture. Mentai sauce was salty but paired well with the rice. My friend who doesn’t eat greens mentioned that the salad was good.

Garlic Fried Rice | B$2.00

I had Garlic Fried Rice this time round as I saw it was a hit among the diners on my last visit. The grains were fluffy, with the right amount of charred taste which I love. It was cooked with eggs and mini cubed carrots! It was flavorful but salty for me. It doesn’t stop me from returning but I would request for less salty next time.

Gyoza | B$4.20

Despite I had been reducing my wheat consumption, I can’t say no to Gyoza. Served with five pieces of nicely pan fried Gyoza and dipping sauce. The fillings were juicy. The dipping sauce made of black vinegar and chili oil gave the Gyoza an appetizing kick when eaten together.

Tempura Mori | B$8.90

It was Shiitake Tempura which I wanted but I think they didn’t have on the menu. Served with deep fried needle mushrooms, prawns, mushroom, aubergine, corns, long bean and sweet dipping sauce. My friend and I were shocked at the portion when served. Decent enough for me but they were greasy.

PS: Iron Chef is currently operating on soft opening stage and they are giving 10% off your total bill.

Iron Chef
Unit 5 & 6, Level 1,
Hua Ho Manggis Mall,
Jalan Muara,
Bandar Seri Begawan BC3615,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2338888


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