2D1N Miri Food Guide

I think this is probably one of the few rare months whereby I had been updating SO inconsistently. I was in Miri for a night with my dad last Tuesday and I managed to try out some of the food places which I had never been to previously.

I didn’t plan any food itinerary and we just played by ear. It’s not possible to have a food itinerary especially when you have an elderly with you. When I was in Miri with some friends few weekends ago, I came up with a food itinerary but we only managed to cover half.

Lot 2446 & 2444, Jalan Boulevard 2B, Miri 98000

First thing to do after checking in to our accommodation for the night is of course – FOOD! My intended venue for lunch was Nok An Net, located next to Mega Hotel. After giving a long consideration, we decided to have lunch around Boulevard Commercial Centre as we wanted to do some grocery shopping.

Curry Rice | RM5.00

Served with plain white rice, topped with steamed chicken and braised pork. Curry gravy was poured over the rice. You could have the gravy in a separate bowl. Curry flavor was prominent with a spicy kick. I love that it wasn’t heavily coconut milk infused.

There were some last minute change of plans and we ended up going to Bintang Megamall after lunch. We window shopped and I bought a pair of new shoes from myFeet. As I did not finish my Curry Rice, I felt the hunger two hours later and high tea was sorted out at Hui Lau Shan.


Mango Romance | RM16.30

Served with three different types of mango desserts in separate bowls. The top bowl consisted of sliced mangoes and desiccated coconut coated Mochi. I didn’t like the texture of the Mochi. It wasn’t chewy enough for my liking. The bottom left bowl had jelly, a scoop of Mango ice-cream and cubed mangoes. Mango ice-cream tasted like mango yogurt. My favourite of all has got to be the last bowl, mango puree with cubed mangoes and glutinous rice balls!

Lot 2436 & 2431, Jalan Boulevard 2A/1, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Miri 98000

One of my friends highly recommended me a Bui Kitchen for their economy rice dishes and Zi Char. They are non Halal, if you are wondering. I had friends asking the whereabouts of a Bui Kitchen. For your information, a Bui Kitchen is located on the building on the left from Maybank at Boulevard Commercial Centre.

Bittergourd 3 Eggs | RM8.00

Served with thin sliced bittergourd and three eggs comprising of egg, salted egg and century egg. We are talking about high cholesterol here but it’s once in a while indulgence! They were generous with the eggs and it had a decent amount of wok hei that I absolutely adore. The portion could feed three just fine!

Sweet & Sour Pork | RM12.00

Served with deep fried cubed pork and colorful mixture of vegetables in sweet and sour sauce. The deep fried cubed pork was good but the sauce was too sour. As per my dad, the sauce tasted strong of vinegar.

Lot 584 & 574, Jalan Ross, Miri 98000

Breakfast was as early as 7AM the next morning as we needed to be at Columbia Asia Hospital before 9AM. WZT Cafe is conveniently located next to where we were staying for the night. WZT Cafe used to be one of my breakfast spots when I lived in Miri 15 years ago.

Tomato Kueh Tiaw (Wet) | RM5.00

Served with wok fried Kueh Tiaw (flat rice noodle), prawns, fish cakes, meat rolls and pork slices in thickened tomato sauce. Loved the charred taste of the noodle and sour based gravy. Did you know that I love Miri’s Kueh Tiaw more than the ones in Brunei?

Lot 2453, Boulevard Commercial Centre, Miri 98000

We had an early lunch at MammaRecipe before heading back to Brunei. MammaRecipe is a fairly new restaurant serving local classic delights around Boulevard Commercial Centre. They serve no pork no lard but I don’t think they are a Halal certified restaurant. Do correct me if I am wrong.

Special Laksa | RM10.90

Served with a good amount of steamed chicken, prawns, sliced omelette, coriander and Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli) in Laksa gravy. It also came with a small saucer bowl of homemade sambal paste and lime which you could add to your liking. Laksa gravy was rich yet not spicy. So, the homemade sambal paste gave an extra spicy kick to the dish. Bee Hoon was cooked al dente to my liking and extremely flavorful from the Laksa gravy!

Nasi Lemak | RM6.90

My dad had Nasi Lemak as he was craving for one. Served with a portion of white rice, deep fried chicken thigh and peanuts, halved hard boiled egg, homemade sambal sauce and sliced cucumbers. The rice wasn’t coconut milk infused so it lacked the “lemak’ taste. Deep fried chicken thigh was nicely done with a crackling sound when you cut through the skin. Homemade sambal sauce was SPICY and it would be nicer if tad sweet.

So, this summed up my mini food guide in Miri. I am hoping to cover more food places next time so do let me know if you have any recommendation!


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