26032019 / Food House Eatery

Food House Eatery is a Halal restaurant serving local delights located right across Pasar Gadong. I had been to Food House Eatery multiple times since it opened its door to the public and I am mostly there for breakfasts.

Their Nasi Lemak Istimewa had been on my bucket list the first time it was introduced. On my previous visit before this, I was told that they were sold out on their coconut milk infused rice but can still serve with plain rice.

So, I messaged Food House Eatery on Instagram to ask if they still have any Nasi Lemak Istimewa left for the day. They do and the owner was kind enough to reserve one for me.

Nasi Lemak Istimewa | B$5.00

Served with a piece of deep fried chicken leg, sambal ikan pusu, deep fried anchovies and peanuts, halved hard boiled egg, crackers and cucumber slices. The rice was coconut milk infused. It wasn’t very strong and suited my palate just fine. However, the grains were wet in texture. Sambal ikan pusu was good but sweet.

My friend and I extremely love the deep fried chicken leg. It was battered and deep fried. The skin was both crunchy and crispy yet retained juiciness on the flesh! If you love a good deep fried chicken, give this Nasi Lemak Istimewa a try. It was finger lickin’ good! My friend mentioned that the crackers were good too.

Nasi Goreng Kampung | B$4.00

Also known as Kampung Fried Rice, served with soy sauce mixed wok fried rice, cubed chicken, eggs, sliced long beans, red onions and garnished with deep fried tiny anchovies. The portion was big and could easily feed two just fine. It was a decent plate of fried rice but the taste of red onions was too overpowering for me. If you wanted something simple and tummy filling, I do recommend their Nasi Goreng Kampung.

Food House Eatery
Unit 6, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Majid Mohammad,
Simpang: 235-7,
Jalan Pasar Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1318,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2450987

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