22042019 / Kofe Bar

Kofe Bar, nestled inside HIVE Boutique is a locally owned cafe. The cafe has been around for a while and it was only recently I frequent them more. I had been to Kofe Bar some time last time and I had their Signature Iced Coffee. I must say that I only felt neutral about it? Perhaps cheese with coffee didn’t work out for me?

I was out running errands yesterday afternoon. The weather was freaking HOT and I was desperately in need of something COLD. Texted San Diann and he recommended me Choc Avocado Coffee from Kofe Bar. I was skeptical at first. Avocado with coffee, who doesn’t? Or was it only me? LOL!

Choc Avocado Coffee | B$5.70

As I don’t intend to sit back and relax, I requested my coffee for the go. I believe the drink looked so much better in this transparent plastic cup than their usual glass mason cup. Don’t you agree with me? Choc Avocado Coffee was served with iced shaken espresso and milk, topped with a heaping tablespoonful of their very own avocado crema and chocolate swirls on the side up of the cup.

This was how the avocado crema looked like in the drink. It was dusted with some cocoa powder. So, how does avocado with coffee taste like, you may ask? I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that both of them worked wonder together. I loved the texture of the coffee. It was smooth and tasted creamy at the same time.

Sugar level can be adjusted by further reducing the amount of avocado crema. And boy, I was glad that I didn’t request for less. The avocado crema was delicious. It wasn’t overpowering and it blended with the coffee just nice.

16042019 / Padi-Mas Restaurant

Having consumed quite a bit of wheat contained food last week, I was feeling bloated! Sister told me to eat as much yogurt as possible for my body to build up gut to break up the wheat. I could not find the type of yogurt that I like so I Google-d for other sources of probiotics. I was happy to know that Kimchi is a good source of probiotics too!

Without second thought and hesitation, I Whatsapp texted San Diann if he’s interested in joining me for a Kimchi Jigae dinner. It took him longer than usual to reply but he agreed and we invited King too! San Diann gave us heads up that he would be late so I placed all food orders and he arrived just in time when the food were served.

Kimchi Jigae with Rice | B$8.00

My main agenda for dinner that night – eat as much Kimchi as I could. LOL! Kimchi Jigae, also known as Kimchi Stew, served with a good amount of their homemade preserved Kimchi, sliced tofu, needle mushroom, pork belly and garnished with leeks. Red rice was served separately in a small metal bowl.

This is by far the most legit tasting Kimchi Jigae that I had in a while. I had some before and none was as good as this. It tasted salty (for me) and sour. If you have a low threshold for spicy food, fret not! My friend who has a low spicy threshold claimed that it was not spicy at all. This portion can feed three persons just nice.

Samgyopsal | B$13.00

Jumullock | B$13.90

Padi-Mas is the only non-Halal Korean restaurant in the Sultanate and they serve Korean BBQ! Of course, we wouldn’t give them a miss and ordered a small portion of Samgyopsal and Jumullock. We were served with lettuces and condiments like sliced green chilies, garlic and sauces.

You have the option of cooking the meat yourself or served cooked on a sizzle pan. I wasn’t keen of cooking and requested them to be served cooked. The three of us left the restaurant with BBQ smell staining our hair and clothing. I wouldn’t imagine if we had done the cooking ourselves!

Samgyopsal is regular pork belly while Jumullock is marinated pork belly. Jumullock was reddish in color, presumably marinated with red pepper or Gochujang paste. In spite of the color, it wasn’t as spicy as it looked. San Diann and I preferred Jumullock over Samgyopsal as the former had more fatty parts while the latter were leaner. My favorite way of eating them is placing a slice of both Samgyopsal and Jumullock with Kimchi on a lettuce!

Padi-Mas Restaurant
Unit 6 & 7,
Block C, Warisan Mata-Mata Complex,
Simpang: 322, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457644

11042019 / Pending Seafood Centre, Kuching

Hours before my return to Brunei last week, Aunt brought me out for dinner at Pending Seafood Centre for dinner. I did not feel like having Western food so local Chinese food it was. Pending Seafood Centre houses many food stalls and most specialize in seafood. I don’t remember the name of the stall we patronized but I know that it’s a Halal one because majority of their servers are Muslims.

As Aunt and I just had coffees at Earthlings not long ago, we ordered three dishes for three persons. Aunt highly recommended their Garlic Chicken Lollipop while Melvin requested for Buttermilk Chicken.

Kangkong Belacan

Also known as Water Spinach in English, is one of the common vegetable dishes in Malaysia. It can be served in multiple ways and we had it cooked with Belacan. Belacan is the hardened version of shrimp paste or sauce in the form of blocks. The smell and taste could be pungent for some. I didn’t have a lot of this as Belacan gave me diarrhea sometimes.

Buttermilk Chicken

Served with deep fried chicken slices in a creamy buttermilk sauce. The sauce was further enhanced with sliced bird eye chilies and curry leaves. I am not a big fan of buttermilk sauce. This was surprisingly good and it exceeded my expectation. It was slightly sweet and I liked that the butter didn’t taste too overpowering.

Garlic Chicken Lollipop

Served with 6 pieces of deep fried chicken drumlets and topped with their special home blend garlic sauce. The drumlets were marinated with curry powder, floured and deep fried. The chicken skin remained crunchy and crispy even when bathed in the sauce. The garlic sauce was sweet and yet sour, gave an appetizing kick to the drumlets. It complimented the rice very well. Aunt kept spooning the sauce into her rice so you know how good the sauce was!

10042019 / BDC Ah Tou Seafood, Kuching

On my last night in Kuching, I stayed over at my youngest aunt’s place after sending Dad back to my grandparents’ place. Aunt wanted to bring me to The Container Cafe but I didn’t feel like having Western food but local fares. So, we had dinner at BDC Ah Tou Seafood located nearby.

We ordered everything in the smallest portion possible. Mom was shocked to know that we had four dishes for three persons. Well, we had vegetable dishes mostly and my little cousin, Melvin was the “vacuum” among the three of us. LOL! Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner!

Stirfry Manicai with Egg | RM10

A classic favourite vegetable dish in majority Chinese households. That being said, I honestly don’t encourage having Stirfry Manicai for dinner as it is not good for our digestive system (at least for me). It was stir fried with a good amount of egg and the Manicai was cooked just nice!

Stirfry Bittergourd with 2 Eggs | RM10

I was surprised to know that Melvin eats bittergourd as most kids nowadays don’t! I had requested for Stirfry Bittergourd with 3 Eggs but the server told us that they ran out of century egg. So, we had ours with egg and salted egg. The bittergourd was not bitter at all and it was really good!

Homemade Beancurd | RM10

Melvin who is a big fan of beancurd requested for their Homemade Beancurd. The beancurd was deep fried and bathed in a good amount of minced pork sauce. Homemade beancurd was soft, smooth and silky. The sauce complimented the rice very well.

Nan Lu Pork Belly | RM25

This was the only meat dish we had for the night. Nan Lu is also known as fermented beancurd. The pork belly was marinated with fermented beancurd and deep fried. It was served with their very own homemade chili sauce on the side which you dip to your liking. It tasted tangy and not spicy, paired very well with the Nan Lu Pork Belly!

09042019 / Sushi Zanmai, Kuching

On my third night in Kuching, Dad and I went dinner at Sushi Zanmai inside VivaCity Megamall. Dad felt much more comfortable walking around after his cataract surgery so we headed out for dinner. I bought him dinner from Soi19 the night before and he mentioned that it was MSG loaded and too salty for his liking.

My first choice of dinner was Ajisen Ramen as it serves pork. Dad wasn’t keen of a soupy dinner and he prefers rice over noodle. Sushi Zanmai it was for dinner. I think this was my first time having Sushi Zanmai outside Japan. Sushi Zanmai has recently opened an outlet at Times Square, Miri and I heard reviews weren’t all positive.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner at Sushi Zanmai!

Chicken Gyoza | RM14.80

pan-seared chicken & vegetable dumpling

Salmon Salad | RM3.80

As I don’t intend to eat a lot, I ordered a Salmon Salad for myself. When it was being served, I stared at it long and hard enough before raising my suspicion. It looked like tuna than salmon to me. The server brought the Salmon Salad back to the kitchen and returned with a reply that the chef confirmed it was Salmon Salad.

Reality looked so much different from the picture on their menu. I thought Salmon Salad was supposed to be orange in color instead of white like picture above? Taste wise, it was acceptable but I still had my skepticism. As you can see in the picture above, portion was slightly pathetic comparatively to the ones we have here in Brunei.

Kappa Maki | RM2.80 & Avocado Maki | RM4.80

Kappa Maki is so much more cheaper in Malaysia than in Brunei! Dad wanted Maki so I got us both Kappa and Avocado Maki to share. Notice the missing Kappa Maki in the picture above? It was being snapped by Dad before I could take a picture.

Salmon Head | RM16.80

As Dad just had his cataract surgery a day ago, he avoided all sashimi, egg and chicken. So, I got him a grilled Salmon Head and ordered a portion of white rice. The fish head was nicely done, drizzled with a good amount of Teriyaki sauce. It can be salty for some but the sauce went well with the rice.

Sushi Zanmai
VivaCity Megamall
Lot L3-027 & Lot L3-028,
Level 3,
Kuching 93250,
Tel: +60-82263808