Of Random Things #219

Good morning! I am back to Brunei after a four nights stay in Kuching earlier this week. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I flew in Kuching last Sunday evening and came back late on Thursday evening. I parked my car at the airport so that I don’t need help with airport pickup. I find it very convenient to be honest and you don’t have to worry about flight delay and whatnot.

I applied for an extra day off so that I could rest before getting back to work. My agenda for the sudden Kuching trip was to accompany Dad for his cataract surgery. He’s all well now and taking care of an elderly can be rather brain exhausting sometimes. Instead of staying at relatives’ place in Kuching, I chose to rent an Airbnb so that it would be convenient for us to commute to and from Borneo Medical Centre.

Anyways, I would be posting of my food adventures in Kuching shortly after. They weren’t much as I didn’t go back for food hunting but family errand. I had completed watching The Last Empress and the storyline was surprisingly a lot better than I expected. There was no happily ever after kind of ending but it was for the better good.

Romance Is A Bonus Book

I didn’t know what to start with next so I chose and transferred one of the recent completed Korean drama series into my iPad. I had watched an episode or two while downloading the series last month and it was pretty good in my opinion.

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