Review: Ann Ann Kueh Chap, Kuching

Kueh Chap, a Chinese dish, served with a variety of pig innards in a subtle herbal flavored soy sauce stew. I used to be a fan of Kueh Chap until few years ago when I started to be careful of my food consumption.

Kueh Chap (S) | RM6.00

As you can see in the picture above, the chef/owner was extremely generous with the portion. It was served with a good amount of flat rice noodle, pork belly, pig skin and intestines in a lightly herbal flavored soy sauce stew. A vinegar chili paste was served on the side which you could add to your liking.

The rice noodle served was the thicker and broader version of our local Kueh Tiaw. I loved the texture, it was smooth, silky and springy! All the meats and innards were braised long enough. Some find it scary or intimidating to eat pig skin. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan but I was impressed that the skin was properly cleaned with not a single strand of hair/fur in sight!

Ann Ann Kueh Chap is located in Kok Boon Cafe, same building as Teochew Association in Kuching. Ann Ann Kueh Chap was recommended to me by a local foodie and I noticed majority patrons ordered Kueh Chap when there are other stalls serving Laksa and Kolo Mee.

Ann Ann Kueh Chap
Kok Boon Cafe,
30J, Jalan Tabuan,
Kuching 93100,

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