Review: Earthlings, Kuching

As promised, here comes my one of my many food entries from my Kuching trip. They would not be published in chronological order as I don’t have all pictures with me at the moment. I would be publishing based on what I have now.

Hours before my departure from Kuching, my aunt and I went for coffees at Earthlings, located a short distance away from VivaCity Megamall. Kuching could be considered as a heaven on earth for coffee and cafe hopping lovers. There are a lot of cafes across Kuching but they were quite sparsely located.

Having read many articles on cafes in Kuching, Earthlings was shortlisted as one of the locals’ favorites and it did not disappoint. Fellow Brunei foodie – Thanis Lim had also commented that Earthlings is the best among all in Kuching.

When I first stepped into Earthlings, I was in awe with the interior setup and was greeted with a pleasant aroma of brewing coffees. The cafe is spacious and good lighting with plenty of sunlight streaming into the cafe. Without further ado, let me show you what we had at Earthlings!

Tuxedo Latte | RM16.00

I loved how aesthetic this coffee looked! I don’t often go for Iced Latte but when I saw a picture of it on Instagram posted by a fellow Malaysian foodie, I knew I had to try it. However, the owner of the picture did not insert much caption for the picture. So, I had to whip out my phone and show Jackie (the Cashier) to order it.

Jackie explained that they have two versions – Tuxedo Latte and Cheongsam Latte. The names sounded so fancy already! Tuxedo Latte is a lightly sweetened silky ice drip coffee while Cheongsam Latte is an ice drip coffee with hint of fruitiness. Jackie further explained that Tuxedo Latte has a bit of vanilla flavor in the milk. The proportion of milk and coffee was well balanced and it certainly makes a good thirst quencher on a hot day!

Cappuccino | RM12.50

Flourless Chocolate | RM14.00

I was spoilt with choices when I looked at the cakes on display! I wanted to try their Carrot Cake but changed my decision instantly when I noticed that they were serving Flourless Chocolate. It was served with chocolate sponge layers, sandwiched between layers of chocolate frosting and cocoa powder dusted on the top of the cake. The cake tasted prominent of chocolate and the sweetness level was just perfect for me. The sponge layers were soft and fluffy.

Review: Loved how cozy the cafe is and the pleasant scent of coffee which greeted me as I stepped into the cafe. Earthlings has a good selection of coffee beans. In fact, they have three! Customer service was good as well. A big shout out to Jackie who did a great job in explaining to us the different types of beans and how each of them would taste like in coffees.

Sublot 16, Ground Floor,
Soho East, Lot 188,
Jalan Wan Alwi,
Lorong 5,


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