09042019 / Sushi Zanmai, Kuching

On my third night in Kuching, Dad and I went dinner at Sushi Zanmai inside VivaCity Megamall. Dad felt much more comfortable walking around after his cataract surgery so we headed out for dinner. I bought him dinner from Soi19 the night before and he mentioned that it was MSG loaded and too salty for his liking.

My first choice of dinner was Ajisen Ramen as it serves pork. Dad wasn’t keen of a soupy dinner and he prefers rice over noodle. Sushi Zanmai it was for dinner. I think this was my first time having Sushi Zanmai outside Japan. Sushi Zanmai has recently opened an outlet at Times Square, Miri and I heard reviews weren’t all positive.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner at Sushi Zanmai!

Chicken Gyoza | RM14.80

pan-seared chicken & vegetable dumpling

Salmon Salad | RM3.80

As I don’t intend to eat a lot, I ordered a Salmon Salad for myself. When it was being served, I stared at it long and hard enough before raising my suspicion. It looked like tuna than salmon to me. The server brought the Salmon Salad back to the kitchen and returned with a reply that the chef confirmed it was Salmon Salad.

Reality looked so much different from the picture on their menu. I thought Salmon Salad was supposed to be orange in color instead of white like picture above? Taste wise, it was acceptable but I still had my skepticism. As you can see in the picture above, portion was slightly pathetic comparatively to the ones we have here in Brunei.

Kappa Maki | RM2.80 & Avocado Maki | RM4.80

Kappa Maki is so much more cheaper in Malaysia than in Brunei! Dad wanted Maki so I got us both Kappa and Avocado Maki to share. Notice the missing Kappa Maki in the picture above? It was being snapped by Dad before I could take a picture.

Salmon Head | RM16.80

As Dad just had his cataract surgery a day ago, he avoided all sashimi, egg and chicken. So, I got him a grilled Salmon Head and ordered a portion of white rice. The fish head was nicely done, drizzled with a good amount of Teriyaki sauce. It can be salty for some but the sauce went well with the rice.

Sushi Zanmai
VivaCity Megamall
Lot L3-027 & Lot L3-028,
Level 3,
Kuching 93250,
Tel: +60-82263808


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