16042019 / Padi-Mas Restaurant

Having consumed quite a bit of wheat contained food last week, I was feeling bloated! Sister told me to eat as much yogurt as possible for my body to build up gut to break up the wheat. I could not find the type of yogurt that I like so I Google-d for other sources of probiotics. I was happy to know that Kimchi is a good source of probiotics too!

Without second thought and hesitation, I Whatsapp texted San Diann if he’s interested in joining me for a Kimchi Jigae dinner. It took him longer than usual to reply but he agreed and we invited King too! San Diann gave us heads up that he would be late so I placed all food orders and he arrived just in time when the food were served.

Kimchi Jigae with Rice | B$8.00

My main agenda for dinner that night – eat as much Kimchi as I could. LOL! Kimchi Jigae, also known as Kimchi Stew, served with a good amount of their homemade preserved Kimchi, sliced tofu, needle mushroom, pork belly and garnished with leeks. Red rice was served separately in a small metal bowl.

This is by far the most legit tasting Kimchi Jigae that I had in a while. I had some before and none was as good as this. It tasted salty (for me) and sour. If you have a low threshold for spicy food, fret not! My friend who has a low spicy threshold claimed that it was not spicy at all. This portion can feed three persons just nice.

Samgyopsal | B$13.00

Jumullock | B$13.90

Padi-Mas is the only non-Halal Korean restaurant in the Sultanate and they serve Korean BBQ! Of course, we wouldn’t give them a miss and ordered a small portion of Samgyopsal and Jumullock. We were served with lettuces and condiments like sliced green chilies, garlic and sauces.

You have the option of cooking the meat yourself or served cooked on a sizzle pan. I wasn’t keen of cooking and requested them to be served cooked. The three of us left the restaurant with BBQ smell staining our hair and clothing. I wouldn’t imagine if we had done the cooking ourselves!

Samgyopsal is regular pork belly while Jumullock is marinated pork belly. Jumullock was reddish in color, presumably marinated with red pepper or Gochujang paste. In spite of the color, it wasn’t as spicy as it looked. San Diann and I preferred Jumullock over Samgyopsal as the former had more fatty parts while the latter were leaner. My favorite way of eating them is placing a slice of both Samgyopsal and Jumullock with Kimchi on a lettuce!

Padi-Mas Restaurant
Unit 6 & 7,
Block C, Warisan Mata-Mata Complex,
Simpang: 322, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457644


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